Best Places to Drink in Indonesia

If you’re heading on a trip to Indonesia, a night out at a bar is a great way to get your feet wet. There are plenty of bars in the country, and each one serves a unique menu and atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking a place to grab a drink or simply to hang out with your friends, you’re sure to find the right one. The best places to drink in Indonesia include the following:

Holywings bar in Jakarta has been censored by the Indonesian government for violating Islamic law, by offering free gin to patrons named Mary and Muhammad. The promotion of such a bar was frowned upon by conservative Muslims, and authorities have launched an investigation to investigate the incident. Although the bar issued an apology, the authorities claim that it was a mistake. The bar has since revoked its license, which it says was not deliberate.

Another bar in Indonesia is The Cocktail Club, which opened its doors in 2021. This establishment is tucked above a bistro in the Senopati neighborhood. There, the menu is based on regional ingredients and uses innovative flavour combinations. Cocktails on the menu include the Batavia Milk Punch (made from distilled palm tree sap), the spiced rum, and the Sopi Susu cocktail (made with fortified marshmallow).

Another bar in Indonesia, this time in West Papua, was recently destroyed in a brawl between rival youth gangs. A fight broke out in the venue, killing one person and trapping 18 people inside. The fire was spread quickly through the bar and killed 18 more people. This incident has prompted questions about the safety of the karaoke bar in West Papua. The fire was not deliberate, but was the result of a fight between rival youth gangs.