The Best Bars in Indonesia

A typical bar in Indonesia serves alcohol to both foreigners and locals. However, drinking policies are not strictly enforced, especially during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. While most major cities change their policies for a few weeks during this period, it is uncommon to find a dedicated alcohol-only bar. Instead, most bars serve multiple purposes, including as a restaurant, social center, and Wi-Fi hotspot. Once the night falls, many of them transform into nightclubs.

Indonesia’s capital city is also known for its strip clubs. Similar to Thai go-go bars, these bars feature a large number of sexy girls who dance, sometimes in their undress. In some places, you can even see nude girls if you’re brave enough. While the bar scene in Jakarta is a bit tamer than its counterparts in Bangkok, it still offers a fun and exciting experience for guests.

If you’re looking for an upmarket place to spend an evening, you might want to try a bar with a sophisticated ambiance. A few options include the elegantly stylish Monty’s in the SCBD and Thamrin business districts. A swanky third-floor social lounge is also available in the building, which features a hip ambiance and live music.

A new addition to Jakarta’s bar scene is The Cocktail Club, which opened in 2021 above a popular bistro. The veteran bartending staff has developed a delicious cocktail menu, which combines locally-sourced ingredients with unique flavours. Other drinks include a Batavia Milk Punch, a drink made from the distilled sap of palm trees, and a spicy rum concoction.