The Best Bar in Indonesia

If you’re a fan of spirits, a bar in Indonesia might be the perfect place to get a drink. The country is a huge archipelago of islands and has numerous bustling cities with vibrant nightlife. You can find bars, pubs, and discos almost anywhere you turn.

The typical Indonesian bar serves both locals and foreigners. The drinking policies are relaxed and not strictly enforced, but they do vary. Some pubs are alcohol-only, but they are relatively uncommon in Indonesia. The focus of Indonesian bars is on a convivial atmosphere and conversation between strangers. Most bars also serve multiple functions, ranging from a restaurant to a Wi-Fi hotspot. In the evening, many Indonesian bars transform into nightclubs.

However, not everyone was happy with this decision. After the post went viral, critics reacted with anger. Religious groups accused the management of disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad. “The promotion is unethical,” said Dadang Kahmad, a senior official with the Islamic group Muhammadiyah. Others called for the owners to be punished. Even conservative lawmaker Fahira Idris tweeted that the chain should rethink its policies.

The Cocktail Club opened in Jakarta in 2021. Located above a bistro, the bar features innovative cocktails created by an experienced team of bartenders. Its menu showcases local ingredients and new flavour combinations. Some of its specialties include Batavia Milk Punch and cap tikus, a distilled sap of palm trees. You can also try a spicy rum concoction with cacao cream.