Pub Review

A pub, also known as a bar or tavern, is a drinking establishment where the primary focus is alcohol and sometimes food. Most pubs serve a range of beverages such as beer, cider, wine and soft drinks. Some also offer coffee, tea and a range of juices and herbal tipples such as vermouth and gin.

In the past, some of the most famous pubs were tied to breweries. The Beer Orders of 1904, however, restricted the number of pubs that a single company could own and forced large breweries to set up separate sister companies which owned the pubs for them. The pubs were often decorated to show off the company logo and featured features such as opulently painted tiling, ornate mirrors, etched glass, brass handrails and wood panelling.

Nowadays, most pubs have a restaurant section that serves a wide variety of foods including burgers, pizza, fish and chips, fried chicken and barbequed meats. They are also usually open from lunchtime through to the early hours of the morning.

Unlike bars, which are often run by corporations, most pubs are independent and many have historical connections such as being the last drink of Oliver Reed. As well as a good selection of drinks, pubs usually feature live music and events like quiz nights and poker nights.