Starting a Bar in Indonesia

Indonesia’s cosmopolitan culture lends itself to a thriving pub scene. While less upscale areas tend to lack pubs, Jakarta has a diverse clientele and plenty of drinking options. Many bars serve alcohol and include pool tables and live music. The overall ambiance is warm and friendly.

The Cocktail Club in Jakarta offers a tantalizing cocktail menu that incorporates locally sourced ingredients. The cocktails feature new flavour combinations such as gin and spiced rum. A selection of signature drinks includes Batavia Milk Punch, made with distilled sap from palm trees. Other highlights include the strawberry-infused spiced rum and cacao cream.

Starting a bar in Indonesia is not a difficult process. The first step is acquiring a business license, which typically takes two to three weeks. Once you have this license, you can begin developing your concept and researching the demographics of your potential customers. It’s also essential to have a good financial plan in place.

Another challenge for the liquor industry in Indonesia is getting access to the rare and expensive liqueurs. Some Indonesian bars lack access to these liquors, but some have managed to source them and stock their shelves. In Ubud, for instance, the Bar Room 4 Dessert has obtained Chartreuse. However, other liquors, such as Dom Benedictine, are harder to find.

Tipping in Indonesia varies depending on the place and occasion, as well as the size of the order. Tipping is usually done by rounding up the bill to the next significant amount. It’s common to tip the bartender a small amount each time you visit, and the bartender will share this with the kitchen staff.