Best Pub in USA

Among the 150 best bars in the U.S., New York dominated with 28 entries, followed by California with 18 spots. Besides the Big Apple, Illinois and Washington, DC also contributed with seven each. This list was compiled by The Daily Meal, which has been conducting bar reviews for three years.

There were many more than just beer-centric bars on this list. For instance, San Diego is home to several of the country’s top breweries, while Chicago boasts a number of Michelin-starred establishments. In addition, Boston and Seattle, both of which have a surprisingly robust beer scene, were on the list. And, despite having less than a dozen bars on the list, San Francisco had six.

Among the most notable is the Holy Grale, a temple to good beer. This establishment features a large and comprehensive menu and the best craft beer selection in the city. It’s also home to the longest wooden bar in the state. It also has one of the best sourdough breads in the city.

The list also includes the more esoteric beer-centric establishments, such as the El Bait Shop, which serves the largest tap list of American craft beers in the world. They also serve an impressive menu of chicken pot pies and Velvet Elvis Dip.

The other aforementioned novelty is the Monk’s Ale House, which despite being a South Dakota establishment, has a respectable beer selection. The aforementioned name-brands are only a few of the hundreds of beers on tap.