How to Open a Bar in Indonesia

The most famous rooftop bar in Jakarta is Leon rooftop bar. Featuring a fantastic atmosphere and excellent service, this is one of the best places to have a drink in Jakarta. The atmosphere is less formal and more casual than most rooftops, so be sure to dress appropriately. Even if you’re not a businessman, you should still check out Leon if you’re in the area. Here are a few recommendations for those traveling to Jakarta.

Jakarta has a diverse nightlife scene, including a thriving pub scene. While the majority of Indonesians practice Islam, most Jakarta bars serve alcohol, though there are some religious restrictions. In addition, most bars serve multiple functions, including dining, social centers, Wi-Fi hotspots, and nightclubs, particularly after midnight. Even so, you’ll be able to find an excellent bar in Indonesia that’s suitable for all ages and tastes.

When opening a bar in Indonesia, you must be aware of the legal requirements involved. The government requires special permits for liquor businesses. This process is generally simple and usually takes two to three weeks. Before you open your bar, you should plan your concept, research demographics, and create a financial forecast. Then, you can begin hiring staff and making a good impression on your future customers. When you open your bar, you can enjoy its buzzing atmosphere while meeting new friends and business acquaintances.

Another example of how religious symbols can serve as a unique selling point for a bar in Indonesia is the Buddha Bar. This popular bar in the city of Jakarta was the first in the country to incorporate a Buddhist symbol in its branding and design. Since the Buddha symbol represents the Buddhist religion, the bar became synonymous with Buddhism. Therefore, the first Buddha bar in Indonesia was born with a religious symbol and a unique name. And, the bar’s promotion of free gin to Muslims in the city sparked widespread outrage.