What is a Pub?

A pub is a local bar that serves alcohol, food and other beverages. Pubs can be owned and operated by a publican or by a PubCo (pub chain). A pub can offer a full restaurant menu as well as bar snacks. If you are thinking about starting a pub, you will need to obtain an Alcohol Dealer’s License and a Food Service Permit.

The British pub is more than a place to drink craft ale or cider – it’s the focus of village life in villages and high streets up and down the country. It’s a place to celebrate, commiserate and meet friends. It’s a place where the rich and poor meet and where local politics is debated.

It’s where the local bowling team competes against teams from other towns and it’s where you can hear singers perform songs of a bygone era. In a world where the creative communal pleasures of the theatre, cinema and radio are being rapidly replaced by solitary mechanical amusements, the pub has endured. It’s a classless venue where nobody can sneer or feel excluded.

Whether you like to ponder the meaning of life while sipping a pint of your favourite beer or you prefer to watch football on a big screen with friends, there’s sure to be a pub in your local area that’s perfect for you. And with the advent of affordable technology, it’s easy to kit your pub out with a mobile EPOS system and order at table app that will keep people in your pub longer, spending more.