The Different Types of Beer

While there are many different types of beer, they all share some of the same basic ingredients. Malt, hops, and water are the basic ingredients. During the brewing process, each ingredient can have a specific effect on the taste and flavor of the finished product. Typically, a thirty-one-gallon barrel of beer requires approximately 35 pounds (16 kg) of barley malt and fifteen pounds (7 kg) of grain. There are several different processes for brewing beer, each resulting in a slightly different style of drink.

Malt is a component that gives beer its color and flavor. It ranges from a mild corn-like flavor to a burnt mocha-like flavor. The type of malt used for brewing determines the color of the beer. All beers are brewed using a large portion of light-colored malts. Light-colored malts contain special enzymes that convert malt starch into sugars. The yeast then converts these sugars to alcohol and carbon dioxide.

After the grains are soaked in cold water, brewers mix them with hot water to make the wort. This process is known as mashing, and it’s an essential step in brewing beer. When the mash is complete, it will be separated into two parts, a clear liquid and a sticky residue. The residual solids are usually sold as animal feed, and the liquid wort will be the beer. If you’re making your own beer, take the time to learn about the different types.