How to Open a Bar in Indonesia

Getting a license to open a bar in Indonesia is not that difficult. It is usually released within two to three weeks. You will need a registered address to receive the permit. The government requires a special permit for alcohol businesses. It is also important to get a financial forecast.

Jakarta is an overhyped city, but the red light scene is relatively covert. However, this does not mean there is not a lively nightlife. The city’s nightlife consists of a wide variety of bars. These range from hotel bars to strip clubs.

A recent controversy involving a chain of nightlife chains sparked an investigation by the Jakarta police. The chain, which runs 36 establishments in Indonesia, was accused of running a promotion that ran afoul of the country’s blasphemy laws. The promotion offered a free bottle of gin to anyone named Mohammad or Maria.

The incident has led to a number of protests by hardline Islamic pressure groups. The Indonesian authorities have also suspended the operation of the chain. They also announced that they will investigate the promotion.

Holywings is a national chain that operates 36 bars across Indonesia. The chain ran a promotion that offered a free bottle of gin or a beer to patrons who were named Mohammad or Maria. It was reported by two youth organisations that the bar had violated religious blasphemy laws.

The blasphemy law in Indonesia is mostly used against insulting Islam. It is punishable by up to five years in prison.