The Best Pub in USA

The best pub in USA may not be the biggest, but the ones that are well-loved offer a welcoming atmosphere, a wide variety of drinks and food, and a cozy environment where you can sit back and enjoy yourself. Many of these under-the-radar spots also feature unique offerings that you won’t find at larger bars, including live music and delicious food.

Some of the most popular pubs in the US include:

Located near Tufts University, this local favorite is a staple for older students, Irish expats, and the dudes who moved to Tufts to save on rent. The Burren checks all of the Irish-pub boxes: hearty Irish eats, proper pours of Guinness, and a rotating lineup of folk and traditional musicians that play throughout its multiple rooms.

This New Orleans joint lands on the list partially because it was started by a couple from Belfast, but also because it is an amazing place to watch English football and hang out. It’s a great spot to meet friends, grab a pint, and enjoy good conversation over delicious food and drink.

This tiny pub is the smallest in San Francisco and only seats 22 people because of fire code restrictions. However, this tucked-away nook offers plenty of booze and beer as well as tasty bar food, including a selection of flatbreads, tacos, and paninis. Plus, the space is lit by wine bottles that have been transformed into light fixtures. The pub is named after a famous Irish republican who was executed for his role in an armed rebellion against the British.