The Best Bars in Indonesia

In Indonesia, a bar is typically part restaurant, part social center, and often part nightclub as the night progresses. Alcohol is widely served throughout the country, with restrictions only enforced during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Despite the prohibition, the local alcohol-drinking culture survives, especially in areas that cater to foreign tourists and visitors from other countries.

Nestled amongst the skyscrapers of Mega Kuningan, this bar is a visual treat with its Instagram-worthy interior design and world-class audio-visual systems. Its crowd of local and expat socialites enjoy a mix of Latin genres such as reggaeton, dancehall, and afro beats accompanied by groovy latin house music that will take your night out to the next level.

This hidden gem in the middle of Jakarta’s bustling Sudirman 7.8 district is a cocktail bar at heart, curated by Yutaka Nakashima – Jakarta’s very own Japanese-born head bartender. It offers a sophisticated and intimate setting with a vast array of cocktails made from the finest locally-sourced ingredients.

Aside from a wide variety of drinks, this bar serves healthy and organic dishes and beverages that are suitable for vegetarians. This swanky bar has become a favourite spot for Jakartans and visiting guests with its contemporary Scandinavian décor, fresh menu, and relaxing ambiance. Be sure to make a reservation in advance as the space is usually full. If you are interested in opening a bar, Cekindo can assist you to find the right location and get insights on market demands around you.