How Beer Crafting Has Changed Over Time

Beer crafting is a process that has been around since the beginning of human civilization. In fact, there’s an estimated 170-year-old beer that’s been discovered in a shipwreck off the Baltic Sea. It’s a testament to the rich history of beer-making and it sheds some light on the processes that were used in the past.

Today, we brew beer using automated systems. Using finely-designed machines and variable temperatures, we’ve created a more precise brewing process. And with the advent of all-grain brewing, we’ve also been able to add more variables to the process.

In the past, beer brewing was a labor-intensive process. Many monks were involved in the creation of innovative brews. They introduced hops and lagering to improve the taste and appearance of their brews.

Today, a number of independent brewers are staking their claims on the growing craft beer market. These brewers use traditional techniques, but they aren’t limited to creating the same beer recipes. Often, they’re incredibly creative and combine a wide range of ingredients for unique brews.

Independent brewers often have more control over their brews than larger companies, which allows them to create innovative brews with a charming appeal. Visiting a brewery will give you a great idea of how they work.

Community colleges are also taking up the trend of offering degree programs in beer-crafting. Rockingham Community College is working with local brew masters and other industry experts to develop a curriculum for a full-fledged degree program.