The Best Bars in Jakarta

If you’re a fan of bars, Jakarta has plenty to offer you. The capital city has its share of karaoke rooms and nightclubs, as well as a thriving pub scene.

Some of the most popular bars in the city are The Cocktail Club, Cloud Lounge, and Beer Garden. They boast some of the most stylish interiors in town.

There’s also the Lola bar, which specializes in Latin American cuisine. This swanky place features Mexican style decor and offers a stellar cocktail selection.

It’s also worth checking out the Beer Garden, which focuses on beer and greenery. In addition to offering great drinks, the location has an unrestricted view of the city skyline.

Another good option is BASQUE Bar de Tapas, which focuses on Spanish food. This is a great bar to try if you’re looking to get away from the crowd.

On a smaller scale, the Fibre One is a 90-calorie bar with a strawberry flavor filling. It’s topped with crunchy sprinkles.

The Cloud Lounge is located on the 49th floor of the Plaza Tower, and offers an impressive selection of drinks. Their vodka room is also a sight to be seen.

Although Indonesians are known for their love of parties, there are actually a few bars that cater solely to alcohol. Most bars are restaurants, social centers, or Wi-Fi hotspots, and can transform into nightclubs after the hours.

There are even some bars that have chartreuse. While it’s not officially available in Indonesia, some bars have managed to source it.