The Future of Beer Crafting

Beer is one of the oldest foods humans have ever consumed. It is also one of the most irreplaceable parts of our human journey. Without it, we would not have discovered the continent of North America. For thousands of years, native Americans brewed brews before Europeans landed in their midst.

The first brewery in Florida was established in Tampa Bay. There are still many operating today. They are a valuable part of the local community.

There are many artisan crafters in the competition for the craft beer market. This is a large industry that has been growing at 20% a year since the mid-1990s. Craft brewing accounts for nearly 20% of the country’s $100 billion beverage market.

Unlike mass produced brews, craft beer is often designed by a single company. Some brewers even take inspiration from ancient recipes and ingredients found in tombs and pyramids.

Today, a modern brewing process uses precise mashing and variable temperatures. New technologies like robotics and laboratory science allow brewers to achieve greater control over their processes.

Among the most exciting aspects of the modern industry is the advancement of automation. While a brewer could be found doing the same chores in the past, modern equipment has made brewing quicker and easier.

Those interested in the nitty gritty of the craft beer biz can take a look at TV shows and websites that cover the art of brewing. In the future, brewing will have more automation, more experimentation and more bolder brews.