The Best Pubs and Bars in Jakarta

There are plenty of pubs and bars in Indonesia. You can choose the one that is suitable for you. The bars are divided into different categories.

Bars are social centres that cater to a variety of clientele. Some of the bars in Jakarta are known for their western ambience, while others offer a more relaxing atmosphere. Most of the bars are part of a restaurant.

Many of the bars in Indonesia are sports-oriented. Soccer is an obsession here, and almost every bar has multiple televisions. They also broadcast the F1 races and international soccer matches.

Aside from bars, Jakarta also has plenty of discos. Among the most popular are Jalan Jaksa, which has been called a backpacker’s strip. It is not as crowded as the rest of the clubs in Indonesia, and its management is very commendable.

Another well-known and much-loved bar in Jakarta is the Beer Garden. This popular establishment offers good beer and food. But the real draw is its green-filled environment.

One of the most unique bars in Jakarta is the Lola, which focuses on Latin American cuisine. Known for its Mexican-style decoration, the Lola has a wide range of alcoholic drinks and exotic cocktails.

Located in the Senopati area, the cocktail club is famous for its spectacular design. Head chef Adhika Maxi is a former Gordon Ramsay trainee, and she has given Indonesian twists to the standard western dishes. She has also created her own liqueurs.