What Is a Beer?

A beer is a drink that is made with malted grains, yeast and hops. The process of fermentation transforms the starches in the grain into sugars and alcohol. The result is a delicious beverage with many different flavours. Beer can taste sweet, bitter or sour, depending on the ingredients used.

Brewers use a variety of grains, yeasts and fruits to create their distinctive styles of beer. These ingredients, along with the temperature and method of serving, affects the taste. Over 200 different beer styles exist. Each has its own colour, aroma, mouth feel (body) and flavor.

Beer has been around for thousands of years and is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is known to have health benefits, including reduced heart disease and stroke risk for those who consume moderate amounts.

First-time beer drinkers may find that beer has a strong bitter flavor. Hoppy beers such as IPAs and pale ales can be sharp and crisp, while dark beers like porters and stouts can have a deep, malty flavor.

When trying a new beer, it is important to focus on all of the flavours and aromas that are presented. Some of the flavours to look out for include bitterness, sweetness, sourness and umami. It is also helpful to think of the body of the beer and how it feels in your mouth. This includes if the beer is thick or watery, smooth or pillowy and if it has a carbonation that makes your tongue prickly or is effervescent.