The Best Pub in USA

The Irish are renowned for their pubs, which are a cultural touchstone that can often be hard to find in the US. Thankfully, Foursquare has narrowed down a list of the best of the best in the country by taking into account ratings and reviews from its users.

The Burren in Boston, Massachusetts

Everybody loves the Burren—older Tufts students, local Irish expats, dudes who moved to Boston to save money on rent even though it’s not really that much cheaper—and it’s not just because it checks all the typical Irish-pub boxes. The place is a music venue at heart, with musicians performing traditional Irish tunes and rock songs night after night.

USA Today Reader’s Choice Awards

Beer is taken very seriously here, with a stacked Perlick glass-door cooler featuring three different temperatures for a range of beers, and a specialized digital menu board that cycles through displays showing hoppiest, highest-alcohol, most-popular, and last served beers, plus a layered mix of a random selection of beers to help indecisive drinkers. Aside from brews, the menu also includes classic pub fare like shepherd’s pie and fish and chips.

This bar is a true pub—it’s located 55 feet underground, and the only way to get there is by walking down ramps, traveling through limestone cellars that predate the Civil War, and climbing through a series of small rooms until you reach your destination. The atmosphere is incredibly cozy, and the drinks are a bit pricey, but this is a great spot for an after-work pint or an evening of whiskey.