Pub Review: The Old Town Pub in Chicago

If you’re interested in checking out an old pub in the city, you may want to consider the Old Town Pub. It has a very English atmosphere and is also known for its good food and drink.

This is an excellent place to go if you’re looking for a casual night out on the town, or a great brunch. They have a great menu, a wide variety of beer on tap, and a strong cocktail program. Their Bloody Marys are worth a try during brunch.

You’ll also find a lot of games, including Ms. Pacman and Connect Four. The owners at the West 4th/Jane pub have a pretty ambitious beer list, and their policy of encouraging customers to explore sake and other beers is a welcome change from most Chicago-style bars.

There’s also a nice selection of local breweries on draft. Aside from the excellent service, the Old Star has a decent menu and offers reasonable prices.

Aside from the food and drink, the Old Town Pub is a great place to go for a nice night out on the town. They have a large outdoor seating area and a dance floor. So, you can enjoy the evening while listening to some live music or watching a game on TV.

Finally, if you’re looking for an Irish pub, you can check out the Blarney Irish Pub. While it’s more of a bar, it still offers a great fish and chips and other foods.