What Is a Pub?

Often called a tavern, a pub is a building where people can drink alcoholic beverages, eat food, and watch sports. These types of establishments are primarily located in towns and cities.

A pub can be a single building or a chain of bars. They are run by a landlord or publican. A pub can also be part of a hotel or casino.

Pubs generally serve a wide variety of food. Some pubs specialize in a specific type of food. Other pubs have a more formal setting and serve meals that are more like a restaurant. In some cases, they offer takeouts or deliveries. A pub can also play music. Some pubs feature karaoke nights and hold special events.

Most pubs are open to the public, but they are usually reserved for people between the ages of 18 and 21. Sometimes, minors can be allowed into a pub with an adult’s permission.

The history of the pub dates back to the Roman taverns of Britain. During the Middle Ages, a select number of innkeepers were required to keep stables and act as unofficial postmasters. These inns became popular with the working class.

In the mid-1600s, some public houses began issuing unofficial coins to attract customers. In the 1800s, many public houses were divided into several sections. Some pubs were owned by brewers, while others were rented to a private landlord.

By the late 1600s, public houses were seen as socially better than alehouses. The pub’s popularity grew in countries with a large British influence.