What Is a Pub?

A pub is a place for celebration or commiseration, for hanging out with friends or strangers, and for drinking beer or wine or whatever else you like. It’s often the centre of a community and – almost uniquely – one of the few places where you’ll never be made to feel excluded or classless.

In England and some other countries, the word “pub” also means a building that’s licensed to sell alcohol. Pubs typically serve beer and cider on tap as well as bottled drinks, and many offer food. Some pubs are chains and others are independent locations. In addition to alcoholic beverages, some also feature live music or sports events, and a few even have a nightclub vibe.

While some purists want a pub to focus solely on drinks, I think having something to eat is important. It’s a way to draw in customers who might otherwise go elsewhere and it helps make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

In addition to the standard fare of fried snacks and sandwiches, many pubs serve more gourmet foods such as Thai or pizza. They’ll sometimes serve up these foods as a separate menu item, but they’ll also frequently be found in the main bar area.

While some people may be disappointed that the traditional pub is in decline, there are plenty of others who embrace it. It can be a great place to catch a football match, attend a comedy show or visit with a friend who doesn’t have their own place to meet up.