Pub Review: The West 4th/Jane in Santa Monica, CA

If you are looking for the perfect place to sip a cold one in style, the West 4th/Jane is your ticket. This newcomer is a blend of the best of the bar world and the best of the lounge scene. You can take your pick from a surprisingly comprehensive beer menu, as well as a selection of Japanese beer, including some of the most highly rated shochu on this side of the Atlantic.

The West 4th/Jane has a plethora of perks and treats, from a slew of games to a nifty outdoor seating area. Among other things, the pub features a well-stocked cocktail list, including the largest whiskey selection in Santa Monica.

Aside from the slick decor and excellent grub, the most noteworthy feature is the staff. This includes some of the best bartenders in town. During the evening, you can find a slew of young twenties and thirties dancing the night away.

The ol’ establishment also boasts some of the city’s best cocktails, as well as a well-stocked beer list. In addition, the pub specializes in the gin and tonic echeque. The pub has a number of other accolades, including a great music program, including a live piano show, and some of the best jazz in the city.

While it may not be the largest or the fanciest, the Old Stove pub in Southampton, NY, is certainly worth a visit. Not only is it home to some of the area’s best steaks, but its ambiance and charm are second to none.