The Best Bars in Indonesia

The Indonesian bar scene is vibrant and thriving. There are plenty of options ranging from swanky luxury clubs to the humble local pub.

The best bars in Indonesia are usually part restaurant, part social hotspot. They serve up the city’s finest cocktails. These include the elusive Chartreuse.

Jakarta, as any good party town, is abuzz with bars. Almost every city in the country offers some form of debauchery. A few bars are dedicated alcohol-only establishments, but most are more like a multi-purpose nightclub.

One of the most popular bars in the city is the Beer Garden. This stylish tavern offers beer, food, and music. Its outdoor terrace is always bustling with visitors.

On the other hand, the BASQUE Bar de Tapas is an interesting Spanish restaurant that has an eye-catching interior. Its menu includes Latin House music and a selection of Spanish cuisine.

Lola bar has an impressive cocktail menu and Mexican-style decoration. This is a great way to learn more about the region’s cuisine.

Jaya Pub is the oldest bar in Jakarta. The uniforms of its waitresses are a combination of European and European-style. With its classic paintings of notable figures, the place has a nostalgic ambiance.

Although it did not make the list of Asia’s 50 Best Bars, Union is a fine example of the Indonesian bar industry. Headlined by mixologist Kiki Moka, this stylish tavern has seven locations across the capital. Besides the requisite cocktails, the menu features the city’s most aesthetically pleasing food.