Best Pub in USA

There are many reasons to visit Pittsburgh, but one of the best is the chance to sample some of the city’s finer fare. This cold and damp city has a storied history as a center of industry, innovation, and steel production, making it a great place to enjoy some of the finest beer and cuisine around. In fact, it’s often referred to as the “Brewer’s City” due to its proximity to two of the nation’s best breweries.

While the city is a little bland in terms of brews, it does have some of the country’s best dining options. The Ship Inn in Milford, for example, has an extensive English pub menu, a few fine wines on tap, and a great beer list.

Among the city’s pubs and taverns, there are several standouts that are worth a trip. Among them is the storied Long Island Tavern, which dates back to the 1930s. Despite the old school feel, this classic tavern still has a full bar and a swanky interior.

The Horse Brass Pub, on the other hand, serves a slew of British favorites, and boasts a decent beer list and cocktail list. The most impressive part is its decor, which features a blend of rustic and antique elements.

Although the Monk’s Ale House in Sioux Falls, SD, may be a distant cousin to the Big Apple, it’s no slouch in the food department. From their signature chicken pot pie to their dozens of beers on tap, this pub is a must try.