What Is a Pub?

A pub, also called a public house, is a business that offers alcoholic beverages, food, and a social atmosphere. A pub may be a private property or owned by a brewery.

In the United Kingdom, a public house is a licensed establishment that serves alcohol to all ages. Its owner is called the Publican, or Landlord.

The early taverns were identified by simple signs. Later, they had a saloon name. Today, most pubs serve traditional English ale, soft drinks, and coffee.

Traditionally, a pub serves draught beer, wine, and spirits. A pub also provides a variety of activities, such as pub quizzes, live music, and karaoke. Some pubs feature pool tables and televisions for watching sporting events.

Today, a pub may serve food, such as burgers and sandwiches. Food is meant to complement the taste of the alcoholic beverages. Pubs often use exotic ingredients and complex sauces.

Since the 1990s, food has become a more important part of the pub trade. Pubs often serve meals at the table, as opposed to in separate areas.

The modern pub also offers a variety of activities. Some pubs feature sports games, such as rugby union on a big screen. Others offer cards, board games, and karaoke.

Traditional English ales are fermented malt drink. Other alcoholic beverages are also served.

A pub’s food is often served in substantial quantities. Food is meant to be filling and paired well with stout beers.

Pubs are often chosen for their proximity to home or work. They are also chosen for their social atmosphere.