What Does a Pub Offer?

A pub is a place where people go to drink alcohol. It is also a popular place to meet new people and spend time socialising.

It is important to know what a pub offers, as this can help you decide whether you want to run one or not. This includes the type of drinks that you will serve, the size of the bar and how the setting will be.

The main drinks served in a pub are beer, cider and wine. You can also get non alcoholic drinks, such as soft drinks.

You can order these drinks from the bar or at a table. The bar staff will normally ask if you would like a pint or a half and then they will serve you accordingly.

In Britain, 80% of all the alcoholic drinks consumed are drunk in a bar or pub.

Beer – available in a range of flavours, including pale lager, amber lager, dark lager and cider; brewed locally, or imported from other countries such as Germany, Belgium and France.

Cider – made from apples, cider is also very popular in the West of England and can be stronger than beer.

Whisky – usually around 40% ABV, it is distilled from fermented grain mash, and is available in both a spirit and a wine form.

The atmosphere of a pub depends on the crowd it attracts. It can be a busy, lively place or quiet and relaxed with low lighting and soothing music.