Best Pub in USA

Best Pub in USA

There aren’t many places in the world that can rival the atmosphere and friendliness of a good Irish pub. But if you don’t want to make the trip to Dublin, you can find the craic at these 32 American pubs that serve all of the traditional eats and drinks you need for a great time.

The Library Bar

A booky ambiance with hipster-approved food, The Library Bar on the Lower East Side is a must-visit for beer fans and cocktail connoisseurs alike. The bar’s decor is reminiscent of a university study room, complete with shelves lined with books and comfy couches to lounge on. The menu features plenty of charcuterie boards and a few craft cocktails with cute names to match.

Ebenezer’s Pub

If you’re looking for a place to experience the world of Belgian beer, look no further than Ebenezer’s Pub in Lovell, Maine. This remote watering hole serves a variety of lambic and gueuze, two beer styles that are rarely seen outside of their native countries. The restaurant also hosts a 12-course beer dinner with top chefs from Belgium every summer.

Deep Ellum

Boston is known for its ale, but the Deep Ellum deviates from that with a wide range of drafts. It also makes its own bitters and mixers, including grenadine and ginger beer. It’s a good choice for a drinkable evening out with friends, and you can pair it with bar food from Deep Ellum’s sister restaurant, the Red Lion.