How to Open a Bar in Indonesia

A bar in Indonesia is more than just a place to grab a beer. Most bars are popular social spots that serve a diverse range of drinks. While some Indonesian bars are closed during Ramadan, which is an Islamic holy month, most bars are open for drinking. They also serve food and have reasonable prices.

A bar chain in Indonesia was recently accused of blasphemy after authorities charged six of its employees with blasphemy. Police had been investigating the “Holywings” chain after it advertised that Mohammad and Maria could enjoy a free bottle of gin every Thursday. This sparked widespread religious outrage and prompted the authorities to launch an investigation into the bar.

Although Indonesia is predominantly Muslim, the country’s bar scene is quite vibrant. Jakarta has many pubs and a cosmopolitan atmosphere. You can find karaoke in many of these establishments, as well as international cuisine. You can also find several live-music lounges in the city, which are great for romantic dates.

The process of opening a bar in Indonesia is not difficult. The first step is acquiring a business license. Getting a permit is usually straightforward and takes only two to three weeks. Once you have a license, you need to design a concept and research potential customers. It is also wise to do a financial forecast.