Community Colleges Offer Courses in Beer Crafting

The growing popularity of beer and wine is encouraging community colleges to offer courses in beer crafting. The courses teach the craft of beer-making and will eventually lead to a degree. These courses are available as part of a continuing education program and, when approved by the state, will allow people to start a business of their own. To learn more, contact the colleges listed below. They will be happy to discuss the specifics of their course offerings.

Beer is made up of 90 percent water, so it’s important to use safe tap water when brewing. You can also use distilled or bottled water, but it’s best to boil your tap water first to remove chemicals. There are also plenty of online resources to help you learn more about beer-making.

Yeast is used to ferment beer. When yeast is added to a brew, it begins to grow and reproduce. The yeast will continue to reproduce until it reaches its optimal population. In this process, the yeast will convert sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide, as well as produce flavours. This process takes four to eight hours.

Beer crafting has evolved significantly over the past several decades. Automation and technology have made brewing more efficient and convenient. Before, craft brewers needed to rely on their own skills. But today, with sophisticated tools, automation is helping beer makers refine their techniques and create more bold craft brews.