The Basics of Craft Beer Crafting

Craft beer is a term used to describe beers that are produced in small batches and sold locally. It is used to differentiate the beers from industrial beer brewed by large commercial breweries.

It is made from four basic ingredients – barley, water, hops and yeast – which are cooked together to create the flavor of the finished beer. Understanding the basics of these ingredients, how they interact with one another and how to cook them correctly will allow you to make a great beer.

The craft brewery movement has become more popular than ever, and there are many different styles of beer available to brewers. Traditional beer is made with malted barley, while a variety of other ingredients can be added to a brew for a distinctive taste.

Local Ingredients

Craft brewers often use local ingredients to add unique flavors to their beers. This helps support local farmers and agriculture, and reduces the environmental impact of shipping ingredients long distances.


Before you can start brewing, you need to properly sanitize your equipment and ingredients. This is an important step in the home brewing process and can make or break your recipe.

Clean your equipment with an unscented mild detergent, then sanitize it with a solution that is approved for sanitation, such as Five Star Star-San.

Follow your recipes and read them thoroughly before you begin brewing. It will save you a lot of trouble down the line and keep your beer safe from harmful bacteria and germs.