Best Pub in USA

Every town in America seems to have its own watering hole, but only the best ones are worth your time and money. So, to help you decide where to get your drink on (and in good spirits), we scoured the country for the most creative, famous, oldest and all around interesting bars and pubs to add to your bucket list.

From an Irish tavern with the longest wooden bar in the world to a New Orleans spot where fans gather to watch England football, these are the best pubs you can visit.

Whether you’re looking to belly up to the bar at McSorley’s Old Ale House in New York City or dine amongst authentic monastery decor at the Wicked Monk in Nashville, these pubs offer the kind of comradery and hospitality that makes drinking your favorite beer a truly satisfying experience.

The Burren in Boston, which was started by a couple from Belfast, checks all the Irish-pub boxes (hearty eats, acoustic folk music in the back room, proper pours of Guinness), but it also has a deep love of sports and a special place in its heart for the community that helped rebuild after Katrina. Heinold’s First and Last Chance in Oakland, which is built from the guts of a whaling ship, once welcomed Jack London, sailors and other seafarers—and today, it’s frequented by locals who are just looking for an authentic saloon atmosphere. Forbidden Root in Chicago is a brewpub that specializes in nature-inspired craft beers made from wild fruits and botanicals, and it offers guests the option to purchase their drinks by the growler.