The Best Bars in Indonesia

With a tropical climate, Indonesia can boast some stunning rooftop bars. The capital Jakarta is a prime example with many tall skyscrapers, creating some magnificent terraces. The city has a thriving pub scene thanks to its multicultural milieu, while in less metropolitan areas you’ll find fewer bars as ‘warung’ (street stalls) are the focus for social interaction.

Generally speaking, bars have multiple functions in the country: they are part restaurant, part social center, and often serve as Wi-Fi hotspots for business travellers. Many also serve alcohol, although restrictions are in place during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

The hottest spots for cocktails in the capital are dotted around the city’s trendy neighborhoods. Some of them, such as the upscale Loewy in Kuningan and Union, are often credited with introducing craft cocktail culture to the city. The latter is the only bar in the country to feature in the World’s Best Bar list.

Sports bars are popular in the country, due to the local obsession with European and international soccer (sepak bola). Despite this, it’s not easy to find one that actually broadcasts the games you want to see.