What is a Pub?

A pub is a public house serving alcohol and often food. Traditionally a pub was owned by a brewer or other large company, but nowadays it may be privately owned or run as a freehouse. Pubs can be found anywhere in the country, but they are especially common in cities. Unlike bars, which specialize in liquor, a pub offers a full menu and usually allows minors if they are accompanied by adults.

Pubs tend to have a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere than bars. They also generally have dimmer lights, darker decor, and private booths for dining. Pubs typically follow general restaurant etiquette outside of dedicated bar areas, though some places, such as karaoke pubs and beer gardens, have more energetic music and louder crowds. Pubs offer a wide range of beverages, from lightly-hopped malty milds to India pale ales and bitter stouts. Pubs also may serve a variety of glassware, from china mugs to lantern tankards.

Most pubs have some kind of entertainment, such as live bands or karaoke. They may also have games like darts or billiards, and some have dance floors. They may have special events, such as poker nights. In the UK, many pubs have football teams of regular patrons that compete against teams from other pubs. Bowling is also common in some pubs. Some also have traditional entertainment such as a choir or folk singers. In the 1970s, pubs provided a venue for a number of bands that formed a genre of rock known as pub rock, which was a precursor to punk.