Pub Review – The Difference Between Pub and Bar

The distinction between pub and bar isn’t always clear, but a few key points are easy to remember. Pubs focus on food and drink with an emphasis on dining, while bars tend to serve less food and concentrate more on alcohol. Bars often have more upscale drinks and a higher-quality liquor selection. They may also have a variety of entertainment, like live bands or poker nights.

Pubs typically have dimmer lights and darker decor, with areas for both sitting and eating. They may have a few TVs, but they usually avoid loud music and encourage conversation. They follow general restaurant etiquette outside of their dedicated bar areas, and they generally allow minors into the dining areas.

Many pubs are chain locations, but more upscale locations often have private ownership and a more refined look. They often brew their own beer to save money, but they stock assorted beverages from other breweries and liquor stores. They sell drinks by the bottle and glass, and some also offer wine and spirits for a slightly higher price. Some even serve a full menu and host events like lock-ins, where parties continue past official hours. This helps them keep up with trends and attract new customers.