Best Pub in USA

When it comes to the best pub in USA, it’s all about quality drinks, savory food and a dose of hospitality. The United States is brimming with famous watering holes that serve up great beer and cocktails, but some stand above the rest. Here are some of the country’s most creative, famous, oldest and all around interesting bars to visit while in search for a great drink.

McSorley’s is a classic Irish bar and restaurant that offers a wide range of great beers on tap including some exclusive options, traditional pub grub and an epic St. Patrick’s Day celebration. It’s also home to one of the longest wooden bars in America and is a must-visit for anyone looking for an authentic experience.

The Attaboy in New York City is a hidden gem for craft cocktail lovers and whiskey connoisseurs. The award-winning bar creates modern classics like Ross’ Penicillin and Paper Plane, but doesn’t feature a menu — all drinks are custom tailored for each guest after a brief conversation.

McNamara’s in Nashville is a popular Irish-inspired bar that features live music and a range of great beers, as well as some savory pub grub and plenty of fun for everyone at the table. The Standard Tap in Philadelphia is another top choice for anyone looking to enjoy a great beer and some pub food with a laid back vibe.

Oakland’s Heinold’s First and Last Chance is a historic saloon that was built from the guts of a whaling ship and once hosted Jack London, sailors and other seafarers. The interior is rich in leather furnishing and dark wood for a really cozy look.