The Art of Beer Crafting

The art of beer crafting may be a new experience for many, but it has been around for centuries. For example, in the 1800s, Louis Pasteur discovered that yeast plays an important role in fermentation. Today, many artisan crafters are taking their share of the $20 billion craft beer market.

To understand the process, one must first learn about the ingredients. These include hops, water, grains and yeast. These four components make up the body of the beer.

The hops are responsible for providing the bitterness necessary to balance the wort. The acid content is measured in units called “bitterness units” (IBUs). A higher IBU number means a more bitter beer.

While the hops may be the most obvious ingredient, the all-grain brewing process allows for a wider array of variables. This also makes it possible to re-create favorite craft beers.

There are many things to get right when brewing a batch. For starters, choose a dark, cool location to ferment your beverage. Keeping it in a shady spot for a couple of weeks will prevent the yeast from spoiling your hard work.

It’s also a good idea to record your batch’s progress. This will let you know if you are making any mistakes and how to correct them. You can also experiment with different additives and methods to improve your brew.

For a good beer-brewing guide, check out the American Homebrewers Association’s video series. This is an excellent resource to learn how to brew the finest batch of beer.