How to Open a Bar in Indonesia

When it comes to Indonesia’s vibrant nightlife, there is a staggering range of bars and discos to choose from. From the tawdry to the swanky, you can find your favorite cocktail and live music all in one place.

There is also a new wave of ‘check me out’ bars that cater to a younger, more lithe generation of Jakartans. They are popular in a city where life is often short and transient. This new breed of bars tend to rebrand and reinvent themselves every six months to keep up with the times.

While the world of bartending isn’t the easiest, it’s easy enough to get your feet wet. In fact, opening a bar in Indonesia is a relatively inexpensive venture. A business license is usually issued within a couple of weeks, making it an ideal choice for foreign visitors.

The Cocktail Club is a bar in Jakarta, Indonesia, which opened in 2021. It features a veteran bartending team that has crafted a tantalizing menu. A signature drink is the Batavia Milk Punch, and the menu boasts some intriguing flavour combinations.

The Cocktail Club also offers a three-dimensional projection-mapping concept. It’s also got a great looking white interior.

Another example is the Dragonfly Cafe, which is an entertainment hub in Jakarta. Its marbled design and advanced sound system help create a fun ambiance. The bar also offers a stellar lighting effect.

Similarly, the BASQUE Bar de Tapas in Mega Kuningan is a Spanish restaurant. The BASQUE has a stunning interior with a modern twist.