Writing a Pub Review

Whether it’s a rustic country inn or a swanky cocktail lounge, pubs are the perfect spot for great drinks, cosy surroundings, and delicious food. They’re often age-old institutions with a strong drinking heritage, but they can also be spanking new haunts mixing cutting-edge cocktails — what’s important is that the restaurants have a buzzing atmosphere and great staff.

The best pubs have a great menu that isn’t just standard pub food like burgers or pizza. They offer up dishes with more substance, such as a sauteed Monterey abalone with cauliflower mousseline or white sturgeon caviar with buckwheat blinis. They also have an interesting wine list and a good selection of beers and spirits.

When writing a pub review, it’s a good idea to give your pros and cons. It can be tempting to write only positive or negative reviews, but a balanced approach gives readers a more realistic picture of the restaurant. Unless you’re describing the absolute best or worst restaurant ever, try to avoid superlatives.

Having good restaurant reviews is becoming more and more important for both guests and restaurants alike. It helps potential customers decide which restaurants to visit, and it motivates businesses to make changes in their service in order to get more good reviews. For example, many restaurants now provide free dessert or “on the house” drink in order to encourage guests to leave a good review. Some even put these reviews on their websites or social media pages in order to attract more customers.