Opening a Bar in Indonesia

Indonesia has a wide range of pubs, bars, and discos to choose from. If you’re interested in opening a bar in Indonesia, make sure you research your target customers. It’s not difficult to get started. But you’ll need to secure a business license and a permit. You’ll also need a registered address for your company.

Bars and pubs are very popular in Jakarta. They often play a crucial role in a city’s social scene. These are laid-back places where people meet and mingle.

A number of bars have a very good cocktail menu. The Cocktail Club, located in a bistro in Senopati, offers a tantalizing list of local ingredients and flavor combinations. Some of the beverages available include gin, cacao cream, cap tikus, and spiced rum.

Loewy Café is a hip bistro that offers a contemporary version of a classic American bar. Its interior design features white brick walls and Thonet chairs.

BART is a popular rooftop bar with a stylish black and white look. Their cocktails and snacks are excellent. They have a laid-back atmosphere and are known for great music performances.

Lucy in the Sky is a bar that’s a bit more lively. Their food menu is impressive and the drinks are on par with other high-end bars.

Potato Head, in Kemang, is a self-proclaimed “mixology hub”. The young crowd is very enthusiastic. Especially at night, the place is a party. And the prices are very reasonable.

In Bali, some of the most luxurious clubs have excellent management and world-class interiors. There are also some that aren’t as over-the-top as other clubs in Indonesia.