The Best Pubs in America

If you want to enjoy a drink in the United States, there are hundreds of bars to choose from. There are a variety of classic watering holes and promising new lounges to try. However, deciding where to go can be difficult. Luckily, there is a list of the best 25 pubs in America.

In addition to a selection of cocktails and sake, Two Ten Jack serves Japanese fare. Their menu includes sushi and sashimi, and they serve ramen and other traditional Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is located in Nashville.

The Horse Brass Pub is a classic English-style pub, and the menu features a large selection of craft beers and imported beers. The menu also features dishes like steak and kidney pie. This is a favorite amongst locals.

Located in a historic church, Holy Grale has a delicious selection of beer and food. They serve a range of European-inspired dishes. Whether you’re looking for a casual dinner or a special night out, this pub is a must.

Monk’s Ale House in Sioux Falls is an iconic pub that offers great food and more than a hundred beers on tap. For the beer-lovers, they also have hundreds of beers in bottles. A few of their pizzas include Cajun Chicken Alfredo, pineapple, and chicken.

Another bar with a great food menu, the Ship Inn in Milford, New York offers a menu of traditional English pub favorites. You can also sample traditional burgers, seafood, and whiskey.