What is a Pub?

A pub is a type of social gathering place that serves alcohol and sometimes food. Pubs often have games such as darts, pool, and shuffleboard and may also feature live music. Some have events such as pub quizzes or karaoke. Some pubs have electronic machines that allow patrons to play video games for a small fee.

A good pub will serve a range of decent beers and ciders, an acceptable selection of wines and spirits and, crucially, great grub. Traditional pub dishes like pie and mash, fish and chips, and Sunday roasts remain firm favorites across the UK, with many pubs offering regional dishes as well. The rise of craft beers has also led some establishments to focus on these drinks exclusively.

Traditionally, a pub has leaned more towards homemade slow-cooked foods, such as stews and savory pies, compared to bars that tend to serve more snacky fried finger food and appetizers. However, there is more and more crossover between the two types of establishments.

A pub is usually quieter than a bar, as it is more likely to be a meeting place for locals to socialize than to attract tourists looking for an exciting night out. Some pubs offer a more laid back atmosphere with soft music and ambient lighting, while others are more energetic, featuring dance and hip-hop music or sports on big screens (sports bar). In the US, there is not as much of a traditional pub culture as in the UK, and most bars are simply places where men sit and drink.