How to Write a Pub Review

A pub review is a written article that takes a look at a specific establishment and offers recommendations to readers about what to expect from the restaurant. The article can cover a variety of topics, including food quality, service and ambiance. The writer may also include information about logistics, such as how much a meal costs or when the restaurant is open.

Pubs are a great place to enjoy a meal and drink with friends or family. They typically serve a variety of beverages, such as beer, wine and liquor. They also offer appetizers and full meals. Typical menu items include chicken wings, burgers, fries and sandwiches. In Britain, a classic pub would serve comfort foods like fish and chips, bangers and mash or a staple club sandwich.

When viewing a potential new pub, it is important to remember that you are buying a business. It is important to approach the viewing with a calm head and clear idea of what you want the business to achieve in the long term. It is not uncommon to be emotionally attached to a pub and this can cloud your judgement and hamper the success of the venture.

A great way to manage a pub submissions process is via Collections, which allow you to group Pubs, customize how they appear to visitors and invite collaborators with specific permissions for the Collection. To create a Collection, visit the Community Dashboard and click the Create Collection button. Collections are private by default, but you can make them public if desired from the Collection dashboard.