The History of Beer Crafting in America

The history of beer crafting in America dates back before European colonists arrived. Before the advent of the Industrial Revolution, there were literally thousands of breweries in the United States. These breweries were made up of native Americans who used local plant extracts and starchy seeds in their brewing process.

During the 1800s, Louis Pasteur discovered that yeast played a key role in the fermentation process. By the mid-1800s, industrial brewing took over the beer brewing world. This increased the quality, volume and clarity of the product and allowed it to be more easily consumed. However, this also reduced space for smaller, independent craft breweries.

In the modern era, American Craft Brewers are rebuilding the economy from the ground up. They are creating jobs, generating tax revenue and creating a better tomorrow. Their craft beers often have stories to tell, making them even more special.

The history of beer crafting in Tampa Bay dates back many years. Many of the early breweries were built by Native Americans who had been living in the area for thousands of years. As these brewers were making their beers, they may have added some ingredients such as henbane, fruit or honey to their ale.

After the settlers arrived, the art of brewing beer continued in Tampa. Today, the first brewery in Florida still stands and is located in Tampa.

For those interested in beer-brewing, a documentary about the history of Tampa Bay craft beer is an interesting option. Film Tampa Bay follows several breweries in the local community, from small to large, and follows a number of key players in the industry.