What is a Pub?

A pub is an establishment that serves alcohol and typically has a menu of food options. It is not to be confused with a bar, which serves only alcohol. Pubs are popular among people looking to enjoy a drink with friends, or meet new people.

Pubs have long been at the heart of communities, providing a place for locals to congregate. The term comes from the Old English for a public house, and despite changing times, pubs remain a vital part of life in many communities.

Many pubs feature traditional wood-panelled interiors, and some even have fireplaces. Others are more modern, with a focus on sports or music. In the past, some pubs were even home to a cinema or radio station. With the decline of other community services, like post offices and libraries, a visit to the local pub has become an increasingly common activity for people to catch up on gossip or just relax with a pint.

Although the term pub is most commonly associated with beer, a range of beverages may be served in a pub, including wine and spirits. Food is also often available in a pub, and may include classic comfort foods such as chicken wings, burgers, chips, bangers and mash or a club sandwich.

A lot of pubs have themed areas, for example, a saloon bar (a more expensive area) and a public bar that caters to ordinary workers, whereas other pubs have specific themes such as music bars or gay bars. Many also have their own drinks glasses – China mugs, crown-stamped pints or lantern tankards.