How to Write a Pub Review in WordPress

A pub is a place where people go to drink and socialize. It can be an age-old institution with a strong drinking heritage or a new bar mixing cutting-edge cocktails. The best bars offer a great combination of drinks, atmosphere and service. They create a sense of coziness with their inviting barn doors and brick walls, and have the right amount of stray weeds in their backyards to remind you that it’s okay to unwind.

If you have specific collaborators you’re working with on a review, you can add them as Members to the Pub so they can collaborate in realtime. They’ll be able to view and comment on the draft, as well as create public Releases of it. You can invite them from the dashboard or by visiting the Members tab. You can also give them different permissions depending on their needs.

When writing a pub, try to focus on the three big things that matter to your audience: the food, the service, and the atmosphere. Don’t write general statements like “the food was amazing!” or “the steak sucked!” That doesn’t help the reader decide whether to visit, and it doesn’t tell the restaurant what they can do better next time. If you’re giving a one-star review because your steak was overcooked, for example, mention that the manager took it off your bill and made up for it. This shows the restaurant that you’re paying attention to guest feedback and that you’re committed to making improvements.