How to Write a Good Pub Review

Pub review is a critical step in the scientific publication process. When done well, it can have a big impact on the way people find and read preprints. It can also make it easier for researchers to write and publish reviews and scholarly articles that take into account the findings of other papers.

A good pub review is clear, concise, and focused on the most important information. It should include the preprint’s title and authors (this will be displayed in aggregators and search engines), the author affiliations, a short description of the conclusions (this will be shown in aggregators and on social media), and a summary of the review. It should also include any important limitations, such as methodological caveats.

While many people will have a general idea of what they like or don’t like, others want specific recommendations about which dishes to order and what restaurants to go to. Including specifics in your reviews can help people find the content they’re looking for and can also make your recommendations more helpful to others.

Some communities may want to create Collections based on topics, types of reviews, or other categories. PubPub supports this via a feature called Collections, which lets you create collections and customize how they are displayed. It’s also possible to invite collaborators with specific permissions for each Collection. This allows you to give a topic editor, for example, the ability to publish Pubs in a Collection without giving them full access to your Community.