How to Write a Pub Review

Pubs are social places where people can enjoy drinks, food and each other’s company. Often, pubs also offer entertainment like live music or week-end comedians. Pubs have long been a source of community and are often the center of local gossip and news. They’re known as a place to go for a good night out with friends or coworkers, and they offer an escape from the hectic and stressful workday.

While it’s impossible to eliminate bad reviews completely, restaurants can take steps to reduce their impact. Creating and managing a positive review culture is one of the most effective ways to do this. This means sending friendly reminders, making it easy to write a review, and encouraging customers to post a review while they’re still happy with their experience.

When writing a pub review, it’s important to give both pros and cons. A restaurant review that’s overwhelmingly positive or negative can seem biased. It’s also important to be open minded when reviewing a restaurant, as your own personal preferences might affect how you perceive a meal.

Some communities may want to group Pubs into topic areas, types of reviews, or other categories. PubPub supports this via a feature called Collections. You can create a new collection from the Collections dashboard, and then use it to customize how submissions are displayed. You can also use Collections to invite collaborators with specific permissions. Once a Collection has been created, it can be deposited into Crossref in the same way that Pubs are deposited.