How to Open a Bar in Indonesia

The buzzing Indonesian capital of Jakarta has a frenetic nightlife scene that caters to just about any taste. From a rooftop cocktail bar overlooking cityscapes to elite socialite lounges spinning the best underground beats, there is something for everyone in this party-ready metropolis.

Many of these bars are a combination of multiple functions such as restaurants, social centers and nightclubs. In addition, they often have a few drinks and snacks for customers to munch on while hanging out with friends. Alcohol is sold in most bars, except during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

Despite these challenges, the demand for bars has grown tremendously in recent years. The most notable trend is the proliferation of fusion bars that combine classic cocktails with local ingredients or even local culture. One of the most popular fusion bars is Koda, curated by Jakarta’s very own head bartender Yutaka Nakashima, whose cocktail creations are truly world-class.

Another noteworthy fusion bar is Union, which has now opened several locations in the city. The original location in PIK Avenue is very popular with office workers, first-time dates and people who enjoy a lively live music bar. The band plays a variety of popular songs, both in English and Indonesian.

Opening a bar in Indonesia requires thorough research on market demands and trends around you. You also need to create a good concept for your bar, including its logo and name. You should make a business plan and a financial forecast before starting your venture.