What Is a Pub?

A pub is an establishment that sells alcoholic beverages and may offer a limited food menu. Pubs differ from bars, which serve only alcoholic drinks, in that pubs typically have a more laid-back environment and often offer entertainment. There are a variety of factors that influence whether a business is classified as a pub including its decor, the types of alcoholic beverages served and how much it charges for its drinks. A pub can be operated by a single individual or as part of a chain.

Unlike bars, which tend to be more crowded and loud, pubs are designed as community gathering places and are usually more relaxed in their atmosphere. The decor is often dominated by wood and stone with a warm and homely feel. A large part of a pub’s success depends on the quality and range of its beer and cider with many pubs offering a wide selection of ales, lagers and ciders. In some cases, a pub will specialize in brewing its own beers and will only serve those products on tap while selling bottled beer from other national or local breweries.

In addition to offering a good selection of beers, many pubs will offer entertainment such as live music, karaoke, pool and darts. This can be a great way to attract young customers and also attract business people who may be looking for a quieter venue away from their offices. Many high street pubs are also used as meeting rooms for local clubs and societies, which can be an important source of income for the pub.