The Bar in Indonesia

The bar is a key element of the nightlife scene in many cities. It is a place where people can hang out and have drinks or eat food with their friends. In Indonesia, there are several bars that you can visit. The bar in Indonesia is usually a place where you can enjoy your evening with your friends. Some of the bars are very popular in the country.

In the capital, Jakarta, the bar scene varies depending on location, with the city centre offering some of the best options. While the rest of the country tends to be less sophisticated, there are still plenty of good choices in rural areas. Some towns and villages have no bars, with ‘warungs’ (street stalls) and mosques forming the main focus for social interaction.

One of the more distinctive bars in town is Colosseum, a larger, louder venue that takes its cues from 1950s Native American folk houses. It has a rugged and organic feel with dim lighting and an eclectic repertoire that ranges from rock to blues to classic country.

The glitzy, sophisticated Cloud Lounge & Living Room is another fine addition to the city’s rooftop bar scene. It offers a spectacular panorama of skyscrapers framed by permanent flames, plus an array of cocktails, beers and spirits. It also has a unique vodka room with a selection of premium brands chilled in ice.

Lucy in the Sky is a hip bar, rather expensive and attracting all the ‘cool kids’ of the city. The music is irresistibly dancy and sing-along, and the drinks list includes a good selection of wines and signature cocktails. They also serve a variety of Western and Indonesian dishes.